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15 NOV 15
I haven't updated my website in 9 years and no one complained. Shows how much traffic I get. Regardless...
I have found a nifty Y-cap mod to fix the Common-Mode Conducted EMI under 5 MHz, at least on my prototype.
I'm calling it the 'Randoid Y-Cap Mod' for lack of a better short name that is easy to search and gives my brand some recognition!
Randoid LLC has been working part-time for a few years now. The wind-genny is long gone and replaced by other interests.

1 DEC 06
What a short, strange trip it's been! My time as Delta Electronics (Taiwan) Field App Engineer taught me that I'd rather be a real EE again! I learned a lot and contributed a lot, but the evening con-calls finally did me in. So I'm off to Nautilus, the Fitness Equipment company in Vancouver doing what I love, Electrical Engineering in a Machine Design setting. Much better fit!
Time to updated the resume again. I'm still running Randoid LLC part-time developing the wind-genny. Hopefully have something productized soon since I'll actually have spare time in the evenings for a change!

6 JUN 06
What a long, strange trip it's been! I ran Randoid LLC for over a year. Did OK as an IT business, but decided I didn't want to leave engineering behind. So I'm at Delta Electronics (Taiwan) in their Portland office as a Field App Engineer. Lots of travel (*sigh*), lots of engineering wierdness (fun!), and lots of evening con-calls (yuck!).
So I've updated the resume portion. I'm still running Randoid LLC part-time developing the wind-genny. Hopefully have something productized soon.

2 JAN 05
Added the "Security" section. Fixed the "New" and "Contact" sections.

18 NOV 04
Fixing the 'About', "New" and "Contact" sections.

21 NOV 03
Fixing the 'About' section.

6 NOV 03
The mapped GIF in the Planning section is done. Fill-in-the-content is required now.

30 OCT 03
I've applied for registration of "randoid" with the US Patents and Trademarks Office.

21 OCT 03
Working on the Business Plan. My CPA wife pointed me to the SBA.gov site where they have all this set up including links to palo-alto.com who writes Business Plan software. It doesn't give you all the answers, but at least it asks the right questions.

17 OCT 03
I did an IC Test System for Photon Kinetics about 4 years ago, back when they were Nettest division of Great Nordic. It was a complete IC-based Analog/Digital interface that I managed from concept to finished product. It is simple enough to not be terribly proprietary or "company confidential". PK is giving me permission to display it in it's entirety. It contains the orignal conceptual CAD drawings, Mecahnical Drawings of the box and boards, PCB Assembly Drawings, BOMs, Schematics, Software and a Users Manual complete with customization instructions. Screen shots will be visible soon!

11 OCT 03
After 30 years of being a "permanent employee" in the electronics industry (like there is such a thing), I'm off into consulting engineering. I've been planning and preparing for this for about five years. In 1999 I received my PE (Electrical) in Oregon against 7:1 odds as a "non-degreed engineer" (yes, I'm one of "them"). I've been building my business infrastructure, polling other consultant friends for advice, and waiting for the right time to hang up a shingle. Well, that was on October 1, 2003 when my business license came active. I still have loose ends to tie up but I'm on the road.

I've been "randoid" on the Internet for over 10 years with a few ISPs. BTW, a "randoid" is not a "randroid" with two r's which refers to a devotee of Ayn Rand, or so I have been told. I've never read her stuff. But a Google search of [ayn randoid] shows 19 entries versus 310 for [ayn randroid] (as of 2 January 2005 when I upated this). So I've staked my claim on randoid! So, for the record, a "randoid" is an electronics nerd with the first name of Randy, Randall, Randolph, whatever. I registered randoid.com, .net and .org in mid-1997.

Many thanks for advice, assistance, and encouragement to:
Joe Stupak P.E. of Oersted Technologies, Inc.
Paul Polumbo P.E. of Custom Design Solutions, Inc.
Mike Halter P.E. of Engineering and Machine Design, Inc.
Tim Dugan P.E. of Compression Engineering Corp.

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