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Randall Elliott P.E.

36 years in the electronics industry, 35 years in engineering designing Analog, Digital, Hardware, Firmware, Software and Systems in both in-house and OEM products from concept and invention through design and system integration into prototype and production. I am trained and experienced in High-Performance Teams, Kepner-Tregoe Investigation, and Project Leading.
Areas of expertise:
Analog/Digital Electronics Switching Power Conversion
ADC/DAC Implementation LabVIEW Programming & Test Systems
Fiber Optic Interfaces PC-based Test Systems and Machine Controls
Mechanical-Electrical System Integration Mechanical Fixture and Machine Design

Engineering Services experience:
Information Technology ECB Layout (Manual & CAD)
Component Engineering Technical Supervision
ISO-9000 Certification Preparation         Technical Writing / Publishing

Certifications and Licenses:
Professional Electrical Engineer licensed in Oregon in 1999.
Associates in Technology 1978, Idaho State University.
FCC General (formerly First Class) Radiotelephone License in 1981.
FCC Amateur Radiotelephone License, Novice 1975, Extra Class 2005.
Current Passport. Travelled to Canada, England, Taiwan, Thailand, & Mexico

Computer System and Software Familiarity:

Schematic, Programming and CAD Tools:
OrCAD Capture 9 thru 16   OrCAD Layout   MaxPlus II (Altera)    Atmel AVR Studio   
FastCAD32    PowerPCB (Pads)    Tango (P-cad)    WinBoard   

Computer Languages:
National Inst. LabVIEW   ANSI C (rudimentary)   VHDL (rudimentary)   Assorted BASICs

Operating Systems:
Windows 3.1, 95, 98SE, ME, NT4, Win2K, XP,and Win2K3 Server    MS-DOS 3.1 to 6.22

Computer Systems:
IBM PC clones 8088 to Pentiums & Athlons (Ive built about 50 over the years)

PC Clone Busses:
PCI, ISA, PC104, STD, STD-32

Circuit and System designs featuring: ECB layout with unusual requirements,
Prototyping circuits and systmes,
Reverse engineering and documentation.
Failure analysis including FMEA and post-mortem forensics.

Commercial lighting highly intellegent controls.
Consumer and Commercial fitness equipment intellegent power control.
High-end CCD Cameras for scientific applications.
Fiber Optic Data - PCI Interface board.
Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzer Board Test Fixture.
Spectrum Analyzer Board Test Fixture GUI using LabVIEW.
1550nm Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzers.
16-bit ADC and DAC circuits.
Multi-output (including 100v) Power Supply.
Precision Piezoelectric Motor Driver.
Peltier Thermal-Electric Control.
Flash memory, IC and CPLD logic.
Interface Board Test Fixture GUI using LabVIEW.
PC-ISA Interface Board Test Fixture.
FPGA/CPLD-based PC-ISA Interfaces.
Precision Fine Wire Respooler.
Power Supply Test Equipment.
Brushless DC Motor Drivers.
Other Electro-Magnetic Drivers.
Many stage PA speaker systems.
Over 200 ISO-9000 Compliant Test Procedures and other documents.
Work-In-Process flow improvement.

Other Functions:
Engineering Forum Leader,
OrCAD System Administrator,
Project Leader: 45W Variable-speed Blower (1985)
Project Leader: Wire Impedance Test System (1991)
Project Leader: Cable Flex Test System (1993)
High-Performance Team Project Leader: Fine-wire Respooler (1995)
High-Performance Team Project Leader: Flat-Field References (2001)
High-Performance Team Project Leader: EMI Correlation Study (2005)
High-Performance Team Project Leader: DC Motor drive for fitness equipment (2007)
High-Performance Team Electrical Leader: Commercial Lighting System (2008)

Relay Module for lighting: highly intelligent & fully safety certified,
HV Voltmeter: self-powered PWM with optical isolation & low-cost,
Dual 35W Power Supply: single stage isolated-PFC with 88-305Vac range,
Treadmill mechanical drive system with high Power Factor, low cost,
Treadmill deck friction reduction system with low cost & long life,
Power scavenging system for self-powered fitness equipment,
Console-Driver interface Physical layer for fitness equipment,
Intelligent DC Motor Drive system for consumer fitness equipment,
Flat Field References for large aperture telescopes,
Resonant PWM Electro-Luminescent Driver for 30x36" EL panels,
Gate Drivers for 0 to 15 volt operation to 40MHz & 2.5A,
Fiber Optic Receiver: 170db dynamic range, 16pA sensitivity,
IC Hardware Test System featuring: Electronic "variac" for remote process control,
Electronic / Pneumatic Flex Life Testing Machines,
Electronic Flex Life Machine to PC Interface,
Proprietary Shield Breakdown Flex Test Analysis,
Proprietary 400-line Wire ID for a Wire Sorting Robot,
Long-life 17GHz TDR Test Fixtures with excellent signal integrity.
PC-based Automated Test Systems for Tek 1502B TDR featuring: Silver-Cadmium Battery Pack Simulator
Co-Inventor on U.S. Patent No. 4,656,400 "Controlled Force and Position Actuator".
1/15HP 120Vac Variable Speed Blower featuring: 1/400HP 12Vdc Motor Driver for laser scanning Cash Registers.
3/4 HP 120Vac 25,000 RPM Blower with brushless 3-phase driver for industrial vacuums.
Electric Guitar with Variable-phasing Preamp (prototype stolen!).
Solid-State Guitar Amp with bells & whistles (my primary work amp since 1981).

Positions Held:
Senior Electrical Engineer - Leviton, Inc. 2008-present
Senior Electrical Engineer - Nautilus, Inc. 2006-2008
Field Applications Engineer - Delta Electronics (Taiwan) 2005-2006
Principal Engineer - Randoid LLC 2003-present
Senior Engineer - PixelVision/SITe 2001-2003
Project Engineer II - Photon Kinetics / GN Nettest 1996-2000
Control Systems Engineer II - Precision Interconnect / Tyco 1993-6
Test Engineer I - Precision Interconnect / AMP 1989-93
Engineering Technical Writer - OECO 1987-8
Component Engineer II - Synektron / TDK 1986
Electronics Engineer I - Synektron 1985
Engineering Technician - Synektron & Tektronix 1980-5
Production Test Technician - Tektronix 1978-9
Studio Engineer - KSNN AM/FM 1977
Electronics Technician - Frank Reed's Camp Town 1976-7
Engineering Aid - US Forest Service 1973-5

Other Stuff: Alternative Energy Enthusiast, Small Engine Mechanic, Inventor, Multi-instrument Musician.

In Sum:
I've been engineering high-end high-tech products and in-house equipment for 25 years after being a technician for 12 years. I started professionally when I was 15. In 1972 I was building radios and test equipment with circuit boards that I etched myself. My first radio project was a crystal set I built in 1966. It all started when I was four; I cut the cord on my record player. That started a running fascination with those little blue guys who were dancing across those school scissors with which I hacked through the cord.

I'm still fascinated...
"I'm Randoid and we're in the biggest library in the universe. Look me up."

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